Business Formation

No matter what your field of business is, we can advise you as the proper steps needed for a successful and beneficial business formation.  One of the most important decisions to make at the very outset is simply choosing what sort of corporate entity will best suit your business needs and interests.

Several important pieces of data such as the size or potential size of your business, the ownership structure, and potential liabilities are all key in choosing the right type of legal entity.  Your attorney can advise you on all the possible choices and can then take the steps needed to file appropriate paperwork and construct the entity of your choice.  Some of the most common choices for a corporate entity include:

•   Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

•   Corporations

•   Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

•   Limited Partnerships

•   Professional Associations, Corporations and LLC's

•   Sole Proprietorship

After this initial step is taken, a skilled legal team can help file appropriate tax forms, draft pertinent partnership agreements, and construct solid employment contracts.  For your convenience we have provided brief descriptions of the most popular business entities in California. 

In addition to forming a legal entity at the state level, your business may also be subject to licensing rules at the county and city level. Depending on the location of your business, you might need a city or county business license.

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