Burbank, Los Angeles, California

Burbank is the place to be if you want a background peep of Hollywood life or meet your favorite TV stars. This neighborhood in the southern tail of the San Fernando Valley has a reputation for hosting famous Hollywood stars and is nicknamed the Media Capital of the World.

Burbank is famously known for housing the two most prominent studios in Walt Disney and Warner Bros. Other entertainment companies in the city include; Nickelodeon Animation studios, the Burbank Studios, and the Cartoon Network.

The terrain of Burbank can be subdivided into two major types; a downtown section around the Verdugo Mountains and a flattened area.

Burbank has been around for some time since the Spanish and Mexican eras of colonial administration, before being officially formed on May 1st, 1887. The town had then grown steadily, even thriving in the drought and economic depression that had occurred in Los Angeles in the late 1800s. Burbank possesses a rich cinematic history, with hundreds of significant films having been filmed and produced there.

Burbank is a prosperous economic hub employing over 100000 individuals. Even though most of the population in Burbank is dependent on the entertainment industry, other ancillary firms from Cinelease, Entertainment Partners, JL Fisher, and Matthews Studio Equipment also maintain a presence and are a source of livelihood.

This region is vast, occupying closer to 45 square kilometers of dry land and 0.1 square kilometers of water. The Burbank neighborhoods include; Verdugo Mountains on the northern side, Glendale on the eastern end, and Toluca Lake on the western side. The southern wing of Burbank is Griffith Park.

The climate in Burbank is relatively ample. The hot summer Mediterranean climate comprises mild to warm winters and hot summers.

In Burbank, there are two notable neighborhoods, the Magnolia Park area and the Rancho Equestrian area. Other amazing locations in the region include; Burbank Public Library, Burbank City Hall, and the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center.

Burbank is the heart of Hollywood life and doesn't disappoint when it comes to art centers and their equivalent. There is Martial Arts History Museum, Gordon R. Howard Museum, Valhalla Memorial Park, and Lasky Ranch.

Burbank is mainly inhabited by people in pursuit of Hollywood glamour and the lifestyle that comes with it. If you want for a most affluent neighborhood in San Fernando Valley, check out Studio City.

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